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"I have never purchased a high dollar item on the internet before and was a little leery. I was quite pleasantly surprised that soon after I placed my order for a TASER C2 I received a confirmation notice and within 24 hours it had been shipped. They gave me a tracking number and within 72 hours I was holding the product in my hand!"

Jeanette M.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

"I was going to buy a stun gun from Your Greatest Protection and had a couple of questions about it before I ordered it so I called their number. The questions I had were answered right away and they were nice to deal with. I placed my order right over the phone and had my stun gun a couple of days later."
Michael D.
Phoenix, AZ

"I checked out your site for some pepper spray and was glad to see that you also gave a lot of information about it with your articles. You didn’t just show a picture of it. I liked that I could learn about it before I got it. Thanks."
Dion S.
Redondo Beach, CA

"I needed a hidden camera and did not know anything about them or where to get one. I found your website and bought one of the SecureShot Clock Radios. It arrived quickly and took me all of 10 minutes to set up. I am real happy with your service and the product. Thank you."
Raymond B.
Chapel Hill, NC

Hidden Cameras

Get The Benefits Of Using Hidden Cameras

Is your car being vandalized at night? Is your babysitter behaving responsibly? Do you notice items missing after a worker leaves your house? Finding the answer to these questions are just some of the benefits of using hidden or covert cameras.

Hidden Camera               Hidden Camera               Hidden Cameras
Covert cameras are great because they blend into the environment and are almost invisible. Nobody thinks a camera could be hidden inside some of the items used to house a camera and recorder. Whenever a camera is visible people tend to behave a lot differently. When the camera is hidden they often act in ways you would not expect. It is just like our children, when they are on their own at the house do you think they act the same as when you are there? We would like to think they do but you cannot be sure.

When you use hidden cameras they are also wireless. This allows for you to put them anywhere you want to and they will still pick up the video and send it back through the receiver and to the screen. The wireless capabilities allow you to place the camera at a specific distance away and it will still work. This means that you will not have any visible wires which will lead to suspicion from people.

One of the problems with the older generation hidden cameras was having a power supply that lasted a good length of time. If you wanted to supply power over a long period of time it was necessary to plug the unit in. That power cord could raise suspicions. A really neat feature of the newer models is that most of them are "motion activated". They only start to record when motion is detected in front of the lens. If there is no motion the camera goes into Stand-by mode and uses much less energy.

You would be amazed at how many different everyday items the newer covert cameras can be installed in. See that book on the shelf with all the other books? There could be a hidden camera in it recording everything that is taking place in the room. The items that the hidden cameras can be installed in is endless. Pick an item that you see every day right out in the open and there could be a hidden camera installed inside. Hey, nice computer speakers! Guess what, they have a covert camera inside. Nobody suspects these items to contain a hidden camera.

There are many benefits of hidden cameras you might consider if you are having a problem with theft or suspect your kids are misbehaving at home while you are not there. Hidden cameras can be sitting in the open and no one even notices that there is a camera inside nor will they see the camera. They blend well with the environment and take excellent quality video from a wireless camera so you don't have a bunch of wires to lead to suspicion.

Find a hidden camera that blends in with where you want to use it and know first hand what is actually happening.

Due to Federal regulations on “disguised audio bugging devices" ALL of our hidden cameras DO NOT RECORD AUDIO.

Check out our All-In-One Hidden Cameras

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