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"I have never purchased a high dollar item on the internet before and was a little leery. I was quite pleasantly surprised that soon after I placed my order for a TASER C2 I received a confirmation notice and within 24 hours it had been shipped. They gave me a tracking number and within 72 hours I was holding the product in my hand!"

Jeanette M.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

"I was going to buy a stun gun from Your Greatest Protection and had a couple of questions about it before I ordered it so I called their number. The questions I had were answered right away and they were nice to deal with. I placed my order right over the phone and had my stun gun a couple of days later."
Michael D.
Phoenix, AZ

"I checked out your site for some pepper spray and was glad to see that you also gave a lot of information about it with your articles. You didn’t just show a picture of it. I liked that I could learn about it before I got it. Thanks."
Dion S.
Redondo Beach, CA

"I needed a hidden camera and did not know anything about them or where to get one. I found your website and bought one of the SecureShot Clock Radios. It arrived quickly and took me all of 10 minutes to set up. I am real happy with your service and the product. Thank you."
Raymond B.
Chapel Hill, NC

How to Install

How To Install A Hidden Camera

All of the wireless hidden cameras at come with a FREE 2.4 GHz receiver and connectors and are very easy to install.

A wireless hidden camera does not have an RCA cable connected from the camera to the TV or VCR. The video signal is transmitted through the open air to the included receiver.

However, all wireless cameras still require power. You can apply power by either using batteries in a battery pack, or by plugging the camera into a regular wall outlet using the AC adapter. All of the hidden cameras at include either an AC power  adapter or a 12 volt battery pack that can last up to 12 hours!

2.4 Ghz wireless cameras require a receiver to pick up the video signal. The receiver in turn is plugged into a power supply and into the monitor, TV, DVR, computer or VCR with the provided RCA cable.

Instructions for Wireless Hidden Camera Installation are as follows:

- Make sure the receiver antenna is in the receiver.

- Attach the receiver to the monitor, TV, DVR or VCR with the provided RCA cable.

- Plug the DC 12V adapter or battery holder into the power jack of the hidden camera.

- Plug the DC 12V adapter or battery holder into the power jack of the receiver.

- Turn on your monitor or TV to start monitoring.

- Make any adjustments to the receiver to get the best reception. The frequency adjustment knob on the receiver can be changed either going backwards or forwards to get the best picture.

- Watch the TV or attach your DVR, computer or VCR and begin recording.

How To Install A Wired Hidden Camera;

A wired camera has 2 cables coming out of it.

A wired camera has an RCA cable that sends the video from the camera to a monitor, TV, DVR, computer or VCR which allows you to see the picture. The other cable is for the AC power adapter or 12V battery pack.

- Connect the camera to the monitor, TV, DVR, computer or VCR with the RCA cable.

- Plug the 12V battery pack or adapter into the power jack of the camera.

- Turn on your monitor, TV, DVR, computer or VCR to start monitoring or recording.

In order to connect your hidden camera, either wired or wireless, to your computer, you will need to purchase the BrabBee X RCA to USB Video Cable.

Remember: You won’t be able to buy a hidden camera with audio, since it is a Federal Law that makes it available only to law enforcement agencies.

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