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TASER Laws and Restrictions

We do not ship to 6 states: HI, MA, NJ, NY, RI, or WI. We ship to all of the other 43 states. The C2 TASER® Weapons are legal in most areas, but it is your responsibility to know whether it is legal for you to own and possess in your specific geographical location. There may be local ordinances or restrictions in your metro area. The guideline specified here is not a substitute for knowing the restrictions in your area, and we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of, and no responsibility for any omissions to the following list of laws, legislation and restrictions. Although this information is current to the best of our knowledge at the present time, you are solely responsible for knowledge of and compliance to the laws and restrictions in your area. If in doubt, check the statutes at your local courthouse.

TASER® Weapons will not be shipped to civilians in Canada, and some other municipal localities like Chicago. Although TASER® Weapons are legal in most areas, it may not be legal to carry a TASER® Weapon on your person or as a concealed weapon in federal, state, county, municipal or other public buildings. You should be aware of the restrictions in your area before carrying a TASER® Weapon as a concealed weapon and before using it for anything other than household protection. Be familiar with the laws in your area before deciding to purchase a TASER®. Please remember that you possess and use a TASER® Weapon at your own risk. We assume no responsibility or liability for the possession or use of your TASER®.

Background checks are required for every TASER® purchase. Should you subsequently sell or give your TASER® to a third party, you would be well advised to keep a permanent record of that person's full name, address, phone, drivers license, DOB and social security number.

When traveling by air, pack your TASER® Weapon in with your checked luggage. Do not carry it onboard a flight or put it in your carry-on luggage.

State Police Use Consumer Use

Main Citation

Alabama Legal Legal 13A-1-2 Dangerous instrument or deadly weapon definition
Alaska Legal Legal 11.81.900 Defensive weapon = electric stun gun not designed to cause death or serious physical injury

Under 18 and On school grounds if under 21 without permission from school prohibited (11.61.210)

Class C felony if carried when violating a protective order (11.61.200)

Arizona Legal Legal 13-105 Dangerous instrument or deadly weapon definition
Arkansas Legal Legal 5-1-102 Deadly weapon definition
California Legal Legal 244.5 Assault with a stun gun or TASER® [stun gun and TASER® are different] Cannot possess TASER® in state or local public building or public open meeting (171b (a) (5)) or in sterile area of airport (171.5)
Colorado Legal Legal 18-12-101 Stun gun = device capable of temporarily immobilizing a person by the infliction of an electrical charge; 18-12-106.5 Use of stun guns during crime Use of stun gun in commission of criminal offense is a Class 5 felony (18-12-106.5)
Connecticut Legal Legal in home 53a-3 Electronic defense weapon = a weapon which by electric impulse or current is capable of immobilizing a person temporarily, but is not capable of inflicting death or serious physical injury. Carrying of electronic defense weapon unless peace officer is punishable by fine of less than $500 or less than 3 years in prison or both (53-206);

Cannot have in vehicle (29-38);

Criminal use of electronic defense weapon is Class D felony (53a-216);

Delaware Legal Legal 222 Dangerous instrument or deadly weapon or firearm definition
District of Columbia Legal

Legal with firearm registration

7-2501.01 Destructive device = any device intended to stun or disable a person by means of electric shock

No person/organization may possess unless they hold a valid registration (7-2502.01)

No manufacturing of destructive device within District and dealer must have license (7-2504.01)

LE and military permitted use

Florida Legal Legal 790.001 Electric weapon or device = through use of electrical current; intended for offensive or defensive purposes, destruction of life, or infliction of injury
Remote stun gun = nonlethal device with tethered range less than 16 feet

Cannot carry electric weapon or device in concealed manner but can carry for self-defense purposes a nonlethal remote stun gun (790.01)

Must be authorized to have on school ground or at school functions (790.115)

Use by under 16 only with adult supervision; adult subject to penalty (790.22)

Georgia Legal Legal 16-11-106 For this section, the term "firearm" includes stun guns and TASER®s which are powered by electrical charging units such as batteries and emit an electrical charge in excess of 20,000 volts; capable of incapacitating a person by an electrical charge

Not expressly mentioned in concealed weapons statute (16-11-126)

Expressly mentioned to be prohibited from being carried in school safety zones, at school functions, or on school property (16-11-127.1)


Legal Prohibited 134.1 Electric gun = any portable device electrically operated to project a missile or electromotive force

Electric guns are not to be possessed, sold, given, or delivered except to law enforcement (134.16)

Unlawful possession of electric gun is a misdemeanor (134.17)

Idaho Legal Legal Use 18 USC 930 Dangerous weapon definition
Illinois Legal Legal in home 720 ILCS 5/24-1 Stun gun or TASER® = any device powered by electrical charging units which fires barbs and upon hitting a human sends out a current disrupting normal functioning

Cannot carry/possess with unlawful intent or concealed unless at home or principal place of business (5/24-1)

More unlawful use limitations listed punishable at various levels (5/24-1)

Indiana Legal Legal 35-41-1-8 Deadly weapon = TASER® or electric stun weapon readily capable of causing serious bodily injury;35-47-8-3 TASER® = designed to emit electronic charge or shock through use of projectile and used to temporarily incapacitate a person TASER®s are subject to requirement of handgun license (35-47-8-4)
Iowa Legal Legal 702.7 Dangerous weapon definition
Kansas Legal Legal 21-4201 Criminal use of weapons defined Weapons as to schools includes electronic devices designed to discharge immobilizing levels of electricity aka stun gun (72-89a01)
Kentucky Legal Legal 500.080 Dangerous instrument and deadly weapon definition
Louisiana Legal Legal Title 14 §2 Dangerous weapon definition
Maine Legal Legal

17 AMRS §2 Dangerous weapon definition

Maryland Legal Legal 4-101 Dangerous weapon definition
Massachusetts ? Prohibited Ch. 140 § 131J Electrical weapons No person shall sell or possess electrical weapons; punishable by fine between $500-1000 or 6mos-2yrs in prison or both


Legal with Concealed Pistol License

750.224a Portable device/weapon directing electrical current

Minnesota Legal Legal 624.731 Electronic incapacitation devices = portable device designed to temporarily immobilize or incapacitate persons by means of electric pulse or current

A person may use with reasonable force in defense of person or property

Devices must be according to local licensing requirement

Mississippi Legal Legal 97-37-1 Deadly weapons definition
Missouri Legal Legal

556.061 Dangerous instrument and deadly weapon definitions

Montana Legal Legal 45-2-101 Weapon definition
Nebraska Legal Legal 28-109 Deadly weapon definition
Nevada Legal Legal 202.253 Weapon definition
New Hampshire Legal Legal 159:20 Electronic defense weapon = an electronically activated non-lethal device producing an electrical charge sufficient to immobilize or incapacitate a person temporarily

Felon possessing shall be guilty of Class B felony (159:21)

Sales are restricted to persons 18 and over (159:22)

Use against a LE officer or another person with intent to commit a crime is punishable as a misdemeanor or felony (159:23)

New Jersey



2C:39-1 Weapon = Stun gun, emits an electrical charge or current intended to temporarily or permanently disable a person Any person who knowingly has in his possession any stun gun is guilty of a crime of the 4th degree (2C:39-3
New Mexico Legal Legal 30-1-12 Deadly weapon definition
New York Legal Prohibited

265.00 Electronic dart gun = designed to momentarily stun, knock out or paralyze a person by passing an electrical shock by means of a dart or projectile;
Electric stun gun = designed to stun, cause mental disorientation, knock out or paralyze a person by passing a high voltage electrical shock

Possession is a Class A misdemeanor (265.01)

Possession by person with any previous conviction is a Class D felony (265.02)

Exemption for LE (265.20)

North Carolina Legal Legal No definition statute

Must be carried openly

Stun guns not allowed openly on educational property (14-269.2)

Stun guns not allowed to be carried openly by felons (14-415.1)

North Dakota Legal Legal 62.1-01-01 Dangerous weapon includes stun gun

Possession in liquor establishment or gaming site prohibited (62.1-02-04)

Other than LE, cannot carry in concealed manner (62.1-04-02)

Ohio Legal Legal 2923.11 Deadly weapon definition
Oklahoma Legal Legal No definition statute

Use of electronic dart gun while committing felony shall be guilty of separate offense (1287)

Electric dart gun not listed in Unlawful Carry statute (1272)

Oregon Legal Legal

161.015 Physical force includes the use of an electrical stun gun

Knowing discharge of electrical stun gun against a LE officer, EMT… is a Class C felony
Pennsylvania Legal Legal

908 Offensive weapon = any stun gun, TASER® or other electronic or electric weapon
908.1 Electronic incapacitation device

Possession or use of electronic incapacitation device for unlawful purpose constitutes a 2nd degree felony with intent or 1st degree misdemeanor otherwise (908.1)

A person may use with reasonable force in defense of person or property (908.1)

No person prohibited from possessing firearm may possess electronic incapacitation device (908.1)

Rhode Island ? Prohibited 11-47-42 Stun gun

No person shall carry or possess or attempt to use against another

No person shall carry concealed upon his person

Punishable by fine less than $1,000 or imprisonment for less than 1 year or both and weapon shall be confiscated

South Carolina Legal Legal 16-23-10 Definitions of pistol and crime of violence
South Dakota Legal Legal

22-1-2 Stun gun = battery-powered, pulsed electrical device of high voltage or low/no amperage that can disrupt the central nervous system and cause temporary loss of person's voluntary muscle control

Commission of felony while armed with stun gun is Class 5 felony (22-14-13.1)
Tennessee Legal Legal 39-11-106 Deadly weapon definition
Texas Legal Legal 46.01 No applicable definition




76-10-501 Dangerous weapon definition



4003/4016 Dangerous weapon definition



18.2-308.1 Stun weapon = emits an electronic charge exceeding 5 milliamp 60 hertz shock and used for temporarily incapacitating a person
TASER® = emits electronic charge or shock through use of projectile and used to temporarily incapacitate a person
Possession or transportation of TASER® by convicted felon is Class 6 felony (18.2-308.2)



9.41.250 Dangerous weapon definition

West Virginia Legal Legal 61-7-2 Deadly weapon definition
Wisconsin Legal Prohibited 941-295 Electric weapon = intended to be used and reasonably capable of producing death or serious bodily injury

Selling, transporting, manufacturing or going armed with electric weapon is a Class H felony

Not applicable to peace officers, military, and corrections personnel

Wyoming Legal Legal 6-1-104 Deadly weapon definition

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