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"I have never purchased a high dollar item on the internet before and was a little leery. I was quite pleasantly surprised that soon after I placed my order for a TASER C2 I received a confirmation notice and within 24 hours it had been shipped. They gave me a tracking number and within 72 hours I was holding the product in my hand!"

Jeanette M.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

"I was going to buy a stun gun from Your Greatest Protection and had a couple of questions about it before I ordered it so I called their number. The questions I had were answered right away and they were nice to deal with. I placed my order right over the phone and had my stun gun a couple of days later."
Michael D.
Phoenix, AZ

"I checked out your site for some pepper spray and was glad to see that you also gave a lot of information about it with your articles. You didn’t just show a picture of it. I liked that I could learn about it before I got it. Thanks."
Dion S.
Redondo Beach, CA

"I needed a hidden camera and did not know anything about them or where to get one. I found your website and bought one of the SecureShot Clock Radios. It arrived quickly and took me all of 10 minutes to set up. I am real happy with your service and the product. Thank you."
Raymond B.
Chapel Hill, NC

Voice Recorders

Please Note -
With any Digital Voice Recorder it is the user's responsibility to insure that conversations are only recorded in accordance with the law of the jurisdiction where the equipment is utilized.

Equipment is not to be used for the surreptitious interception of oral communications. All equipment is sold subject to public law, all state and Federal rules, regulations, etc.


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Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder With MP3 Player Function
Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder With MP3 Player Function
Price: $49.89
Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder With MP3 Player Function
Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder With MP3 Player Function. This voice recorder can record up to 864 hours in long play mode. AND, has a battery life of 17 hours!!
Easy Voice Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder
Price: $148.95
Easy Voice Recorder
How much recording time do you need? Our Easy Voice Recorder can record conversation up to 1040 hours!31 days of record time on one charge!Record open air, telephone or cell phones.
Mini Voice Recorder
Mini Voice Recorder
Price: $149.00
Mini Voice Recorder
Intuitive operation and a slim design set this digital voice recorder apart from the rest. With increased memory capacity and telephone recording features, the D1306 combines power and size in the most beneficial way.
One-Touch Pen Voice Recorder
One-Touch Pen Voice Recorder
Price: $109.88
One-Touch Pen Voice Recorder
One-touch voice recording personifies the Pen Voice Recorder - MP2 capabilities. The stylish writing design of the pen compliments the high quality, intuitive recording ability of this easy to use pen voice recorder.
Smartphone Voice Recorder
Smartphone Voice Recorder
Price: $149.00
Smartphone Voice Recorder
The D1305 Digital Voice Recorder is the world’s smallest recorder for Smartphones. A modern and sleek design, the white recorder looks like a typical Smartphone accessory and works on any phone with a 3.5mm 4 pin connector.
USB Flashdrive Voice Recorder with Extended Memory
USB Flashdrive Voice Recorder with Extended Memory
Price: $89.88
 USB Flashdrive Voice Recorder with Extended Memory
Extended memory sets the D1408 apart from the rest. Capable of storing over 100 hours of voice recording, easy to transfer file management, and a dual covert design combine together to provide voice security in a flash.
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