GPS Tracking for Protection

How To Prevent Car Theft With GPS

One of the worst feelings in the world is walking back to where you parked your car and finding it gone. GPS Tracking will at least give you some peace of mind.

If you have a nice car, or a very expensive vehicle, then you should consider using a GPS tracking device. If you use a GPS real-time locating device you can locate your car. There will be a good probability of reducing damage by being immediately notified of the theft. Some have an automatic alarm to notify you and real-time tracking.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Using a GPS tracking system with your car, you have the ability to know where it is at all times. They work in real-time. This means that they are updated every 15 seconds or so as the vehicle is moving down the road.

If someone steals your car they won’t make it very far! You can have the police go retrieve it. A GPS tracking device that has an integrated alarm system in it is a great choice. You can receive an alarm signal from the moment the car begins to move out of the parking spot.

This means that the thief may not get too far because you will know the moment they begin to move. This is also handy if you suspect your teenager sneaking out.

Across the Border

One of the best ways you can protect your car is with a GPS device like a WorldTracker GPRS Extreme. If you drive a vehicle that is on the high theft list then you really want one of these. Even if your car makes it across the border and into Mexico or Canada you will know exactly where it is. Knowing where the thief is with your car allows you to retrieve it quickly. This means they have your car for less of an amount of time. This means that you can expect less damage to occur also. Most thieves completely trash a vehicle when they have a long period of time with it.

The best way to protect your vehicle is to use a GPS tracking device on your car. They are small and can be placed virtually anywhere on the inside or the outside of the vehicle. You can retrieve your vehicle much quicker than you can if you don’t have a device. Now you can find out exactly where your car is and have the police be right on top of a thief with your car. That means less damage and less of a chance the thieves make it to another country.

It also gets you your pride and joy back home where it belongs!

Your Teenage Driver and GPS Tracking

You only think you know where your teenage driver goes. Now you can know for sure!

If you have a really nice car that is your pride and joy or just a very expensive vehicle then you should consider a GPS device.  This type of device allows you to learn exactly where your children have been taking the vehicle and how many miles are really being put on it. You can even tell if they have been speeding!

Where Ya Been?

There is nothing like loaning your teenager the car and not knowing where they have been all day long.  They might tell you one thing but it seemed as if they were gone way too long to only have been right down the street.  When you use a device like the Super Trackstick then you can have the capability to pull the device off of the car and connect it to your computer. 

It will download all of the driving histories so you can learn if your child is telling the truth or if they are adding hundreds of unnecessary miles.  They may even be taking your new truck for a little off-road fun in some terrain that is very hard on the shocks and the rest of the vehicle.  Wouldn’t you like to know?

Data Logging GPS Locations

You may also be wondering where your teenager is going all of the time.  He or she may leave at the same time every day and they don’t want you to know where it is that they are headed.  Even though they are growing up and teenagers you still have a right to know.  It is your job to protect them.  The best way to find out where they have been to ensure they are safe is by using GPS Data Logger.  This will allow you to see the driving history through online mapping locations once you download the information to your computer.

Using a GPS Data Logger is not “snooping” on your teenager. As a parent, it is your right, and duty, to know where your teenager is. That is just good parenting. Sure, we want to start giving our teenagers some freedom. Let them “spread their wings” a little but it is up to us, as parents, to help guide them through their tricky teenage years.

We can all remember what WE did when we were teenagers and sometimes we might look back and wonder how we made it through that time in our life. When you use the GPS tracker you are just helping to make sure that they come out of their teenage years in one piece.

Hidden Tracking

The great thing about some trackers is are designed to secure the underside of the vehicle or some other location that is safe and weatherproof.  You don’t have to worry about your teenager finding it and thinking you don’t trust them when all you want to do is make sure they are being safe and making good decisions.  It is tiny, covert, and will fit anywhere inside or out.  It is also barely noticeable.  All you have to do is pull the device from the car when they return and download the data on the computer.

GPS Tracking is the Best Hiker Protection

If you are a hiker and you like to tackle the backwoods of every mountain you possibly can, it is best to never go on your adventure without having a GPS unit like a WorldTracker GPRS Extreme.  This gives you the ability to know where you are at all times and friends and family at home can also track your progress.

A GPS real-time tracking device works by knowing exactly where you are at all times.  They can be set up with software through the Internet so a person can be tracked online also.  GPS devices update every 15 seconds which means that you know the exact location at all times.  They are used as child locater devices and parents will drop one in a backpack and be able to track their child. You can use the device to navigate your trip when you are traveling also.

Using a solution like a WorldTracker GPRS Extreme is an excellent solution if you are an extreme hiker that likes to traverse up dangerous peaks and valleys.  They are extremely accurate and they even work in deep valleys and canyons.  You will never lose your location.  Hikers get lost all of the time when they are in the mountains.  You may think this would never happen to you but the best way to protect yourself is by carrying a GPS.

GPS Tracking for the Whole Family

Another benefit of a GPS for a hiker is that your family members can track you too.  This means that if you fall and get hurt your family members will see this.  They won’t see that you are injured but they will see that your progress has stopped.  This will allow them to come and find you and send help to your location.  You won’t have to worry about lying somewhere injured for days at a time.

Hiking is a fun sport and it is often taken to the extremes by many people.  If you like to hike in the cold winter months or on peaks that are dangerous the best thing you can do is carry a GPS like the Super Trackstick or the WorldTracker GPRS Extreme.  This is the best way to ensure to your family members that you will be fine because they can track you.  Also, you will know where you are located at all times. Should you take a fall down a steep mountain and become injured or even lost you will not go missing for very long.

Protecting Your Company with a GPS Tracker

You might have many company vehicles out on the road, or just one.  It can be very expensive to have cars on the road. You need a way to ensure your employees are where they say they are and your vehicles are not being used for anything but work purposes.

A GPS tracker can be tossed inside of the glove box or secured to one of your company vehicles.  They allow you to monitor over your computer where the vehicle is located at all times.  If you dispatch vehicles to homes or other locations you can watch as the vehicles travel to each destination.  You don’t have to question if you are being told the truth anymore.

Personal Use… I don’t think so.

It is very common for employees to use a company vehicle for their own personal use.  They may take the vehicles home at night or use them in the day to go to other various places than they should be going.  Your company vehicle needs to last as long as it can because maintaining them can be costly also.  In addition, the insurance company may not cover your vehicle if it is being used during a time that is not within the scope of employment.

Get to Work

Many employees also like to take advantage when they have free reign. You can’t really be sure that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing or at the location, they say they are.  When employees live right down the street they may even be spending a portion of their day at home while you are paying them.  Now you can use a GPS tracker and know exactly where they are at all times when they are on your watch.  This will eliminate being taken advantage of anymore.

Protect Your Investment

Protecting company vehicles is very important if you have a lot of money invested in them and employees use them for company work.  It is important to ensure no one is taking advantage of you or your vehicles.  Using a GPS real-time tracking device allows you to watch your vehicles go from one location to another throughout the day.  You can verify if your employees are being honest with you and not using the vehicles for personal use.  This will also save you money on your car insurance rates too.  That is because if your vehicle is stolen it can be retrieved quickly and a GPS minimizes damage.

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