Personal Alarms for Protection: Do they Work?

There are many different types of alarms you can use for personal protection that you might consider. These can help you at home, while you are alone at night or during the day, and many more situations. The different types of alarms include door stop alarms, whistles, keychain alarms, and many more. These tiny devices could actually save your life because of the noise they make and the attraction they cause.

Screaming isn’t an Option Sometimes

Sometimes you’re not able to scream really loud. Maybe you have a quiet voice, and you feel that no one would hear you. You should consider some of the many different types of personal alarms you could choose from for protection. The noises made by the different alarms vary. They can send off an alarm that can be heard from almost a mile away.

Keychain Size Personal Alarms

One excellent choice for an alarm is a keychain alarm. This allows you to carry the alarm with you on your keychain. That makes it always ready and available for your use. There are many different alarms you can put on your keychain which include whistles and other various types. All you have to do is press the alarm button if you feel you are in danger and it will activate the alarm. If the pin attached to the keychain is pulled off then it will also activate the alarm system. These are very tiny devices that look like a normal keychain trinket but put off a siren-like sound as loud as a car alarm.

Door Stop Alarms

The door stop alarms are designed to block doors from being opened or broken into. If someone tries to use a specific door then the alarm will sound. The way it works is that the doorstop is placed inside of the bottom of the door to act as a doorstop. When someone tries to open the door it places pressure on the alarm and causes it to sound off. When the person shuts the door and removes the pressure of the doorstop the alarm shuts off. These work great as a door jam and when someone is trying to enter into a room they should not be. This could save your life if you live at home alone and you place one in front of all of the doors of your home.

You can also purchase personal alarms that can be hung on a door. All you have to do is set the chain to pull out when someone opens the door. When this happens the alarm will sound and you will know someone has entered. The door alarms are ideal to take with you when you are traveling and staying in a hotel. All you have to do is pull the metal chain out of the alarm and it will sound off very loudly. Some door alarms are motion activated. When you hang the door alarm on the inside doorknob it will activate an ear-piercing sound as soon as it is moved by someone trying to open the door.

Other Options

As we all know, personal protection is very important and must be your number one concern. If you are reluctant to carry pepper sprays and personal protection products such as a stun gun or TASER, then you may want to get a personal alarm that will notify the entire block with a very loud alarm when it goes off. This will help to make sure that if you are in danger someone will hear your distress and come to your aid.

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