Stun Gun Information – How Do They Work?

How Do Stun Guns Work?

When you purchase a stun gun it is important to understand the mechanics and the principles behind the operation of a stun gun. This will help you manage the personal protection device and use it most effectively for self-defense.

Stun guns work to interfere with the body’s electrical pulses that are sent from the brain to the limbs and other parts of the body. When a body is functioning properly, electrical signals or neurotransmitters are sent from the brain to make every function occur which includes smiling, touching, moving your arms, legs, control over your bladder, talking, and everything else your body needs to do. Stun guns send 1-3 milliamps, which disrupt the body’s electrical system causing it to temporarily shut down.

How Does a Person React to a Stun Gun?

 What happens when stun guns are used is that the body is temporarily paralyzed because the signals to the brain are being disrupted. The brain is confused and shuts down for a moment. When a stun gun works it tells the body to shut down for a short period of time. This takes the energy from the body by depleting the blood sugar in the body.

How are Stun Guns Powered?

Stun guns use only 9-volt batteries or are rechargeable. They have internal transformers designed to increase voltage and reduce the amperage given to the body. An oscillator is integrated which works to produce the pulsing action. The charge is built up with a capacitor and the electrodes are responsible for delivering the charge. These are the only elements of a stun gun. Stun guns send voltages ranging from 200,000 to 1,000,000 or now, even more. This is more than enough to go through the thickest jackets and clothing. Only 3 milliamps are used which is why there is never any long-term damage to the body.

Zap an Attacker Away

The great thing about stun guns is that when the current is unable to flow across the double electrodes in the top, the current will go to the two test electrodes. They are close together which allows the flow of energy to leap between each of them. As the current moves, it ionizes the air particles and results in a spark that is visible. You can also hear a crackling noise that is very intimidating. The purpose of this is so attackers can see that you have a stun gun. Usually, the visible sign of the electrodes sparking and the sound of the crackling is enough of a deterrent for personal protection. Most attackers will go away.

Stun Guns are Simple Tools

Stun guns are very basic. There are many different types of stun guns and they come in many shapes and sizes. However, they all use a 9-volt battery or are rechargeable and have the same capabilities to send 3 milliamps into the body and disrupt the neurotransmitters being sent from the brain. The body will be temporarily disabled for a short period of time. Keep in mind that when stun guns are used they have to be touching the assailant. They are very effective in disabling a person and temporarily paralyzing them. You cannot kill someone when you use your stun gun on them. Also, the voltage going into the attacker’s body will NOT pass back to you even if you are touching the attacker.

How to Use a Stun Gun

It is very common for people to purchase a stun gun but has no idea how to use them when the time comes that you need one. Knowing how to properly use your stun gun will give you more confidence when you are out at night and alone.  Here are a few tips to help you with using a personal protection device like this for self-defense.

 Always read the brochure of a stun gun when you first purchase it. This will help you recognize the different features. Most stun guns are straight or curved with a grip on them like a gun. They will provide stopping power of 200,000 to 1,000,000 volts to an attacker. A stun gun works by paralyzing a body and making it fall to the ground. This is because the voltage running into the body stops the electrical neurotransmitters coming from the brain for a short period of time.

 When you use stun guns they have to be touching the attacker while you are pressing the button. You will hold it against them for at least 3 – 5 seconds which should give you enough time to get far away. The length of time you will hold the stun gun against the attacker will depend on how strong the voltage coming through the gun is. Don’t worry, the voltage going into the attacker will not be passed back to you even if you are touching them.

Safety Switch

 Stun guns have a safety switch. Always use the safety switch because you do not want to reach inside of your purse and shock yourself. When you want to use the stun gun you will move the safety switch to the on position. Make sure that your body or fingers are nowhere near the contact probes. There is a switch and a safety plate zone on the stun gun. The switch is designed to send the voltage into the body until you release the switch.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you purchase a stun gun, you need to practice using them. Don’t carry stun guns hidden away deep in your purse when you are walking down a dark alley because it will be too late when you need it. Carry your stun gun in your hand before you approach the danger when you are feeling nervous. Know how to use your stun gun and the different features. The best thing you can do is grip the stun gun and practice moving the safety switch to the on position quickly and delivering a blow of voltage. Don’t practice using your device on anyone.

To use a stun gun you need to be prepared at all times. You shouldn’t ever be in a position where you are scrambling for your stun gun and you are not ready to use it. Carry it with you and have it out in circumstances where you don’t feel comfortable. Practice using your stun gun so you know how to deliver the voltage into the body. Remember, your stun gun must be touching the attacker to deliver the proper voltage. Also, don’t fear hurting the attacker. They will not die and you will have protected yourself against a possible attack.

  • Stun Guns are NOT Lethal
  • Legal in Most of the United States
  • Stun Guns are Effective
  • Stun Guns are Easy To Use
  • Stop an Attacker
  • Stun Guns are Easy To Buy
  • Self Defense Weapons
  • Stun Guns Come In All Sizes
  • Stun Guns Can Save Your Life!


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